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The company "Domashnie Recepti" was founded in 2013 so that people who care about their health can buy really natural and healthy drinks in regular stores.
We were one of the first to recreate real live kvass according to old
Russian recipes on a production scale.
The Domashnie Recepti trademark was founded with the aim of providing consumers with high-quality soft drinks: kvass, mors, fermented lemonades, cold teas and others. Our company, founded in 2013, is currently actively developing and gaining recognition from an increasing number of consumers and partners. All this is thanks to:
- high-quality drinks;
- flexible pricing policy;
- providing favorable terms of cooperation.

In principle, we do not use preservatives and chemical additives in the production of products. We use only natural ingredients. This approach allows you to take care of people's health by offering useful products. The company regularly participates in All-Russian food exhibitions, where our products take prizes and prestigious awards.

Domashnie Recepti are delicious, natural drinks made according to a unique ancient Russian recipe, modified for modern ingredients, without yeast, dyes and flavors. You can buy various types of kvass from us in bulk (homemade, for okroshka, winter, bath), refreshing berry-based fruit drinks, fermented and natural lemonades, iced tea and other drinks.

All products of TM "Domashnie Recepti" have certificates confirming their high quality. Production is carried out on high-tech and modern equipment, raw materials grown in ecologically clean regions are used.

The display of our brand products is carried out by experienced merchandisers. After the expiration of the period of sale of drinks, we take them back. Thanks to the statistical research that we have been conducting for two to three months, we analyze sales, replace the remaining products, the demand for which is reduced, with top positions that are in demand among consumers.
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As a result of hard work, numerous tests, trial and error over 10 years of activity, the company managed to bring 8 unique products to the market, which are extremely difficult to find analogues. Deliveries are made to 80 cities of our country.

The company continues to develop dynamically and sets high and noble goals for itself so that as many residents of our country as possible can enjoy the taste and benefit from drinks made only from natural and natural raw materials that carry strength, benefit and beauty for human health.

Many of the drinks have been awarded 1st degree diplomas in the quality category at international and interregional exhibitions. And about 200 residents of the city of Murom received new jobs.

How do we prepare our drinks
Do you agree with the expression: "Do you want to change the world for the better? Start with yourself!"? We are. Moreover. It is absolutely obvious to us that this truth also works in the opposite direction, so we strive to support ideas that are close to us in spirit.
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